Mission Vision Core Values

Mission Statement

Robbins Nest Realtor will represent and serve clients with excellence, professionalism, honesty, and with the clients' best interests at heart. A portion of the revenue generated is donated to local charities who help families combat homelessness, escape abuse, overcome addiction, and provide valuable resources to children in need. 

Vision Statement

Robbins Nest Realtor will be a leading team within the Hampton Roads real estate

marketplace consistently providing top quality service to new clients every year. 

Core Values

Integrity - Honesty is not just "the best policy", but our only policy; in all of our dealings and with all parties, we seek transparency and integrity.

Excellence and Quality: Every task or service will be performed in a spirit of excellence with a focus toward the highest possible quality.

Sales Techniques: We will avoid manipulative sales techniques, having the conviction that sales should be the result of diligent service. We will always seek out opportunities to provide excellent service to our clients and customers.

Professionalism: All of our customers, clients, and co-brokers and the community around us will be served in a professional manner.

Reliable - We will do what we say when we say we will do it or will let you know otherwise as soon as possible.

Respect - We respect all people equally and will serve all clients with our very best.

Kindness - We will treat all parties with kindness and embody the golden rule in our dealings. 

Coachable - We remain open and teachable to new technology, processes, and industry standards that help us better serve our clients.

Communication - We will return your text, call, or email within an appropriate response time, at minimum within the next business day, for the subject you’re inquiring about.